Antigens Underlying Immunity References
  Whole Cells and Cell Extracts
  CandidiasisStrain CA2,live-attenuatedT-helper 1,cell-mediated immunity1,2
Genetically engineered Candida albicans tet-NRG1 strain,live-attenuatedT-cell mediated immunity3
Ribosomal Cell fractionAntibodies and cell-mediated immunity4,5
Inactivated whole cellsUndefined6
Hyr1pCell mediated immunity7
  BlastomycosisStrain BAD1,live-attenuatedT-helper 1,cell-mediated immunity8
  CoccidiomycosisInactivated spherulesT-helper 1,cell-mediated immunity9,10
Thimerosal-inactivated spherules (T27K)Undefined11
Genetically engineered strain,live-attenuatedT-helper 1,T-helper 2,cell-mediated immunity12
heat-killed Saccharomyces cerevisiae (HKY)Undefined13
  AspergillosisInactivated ConidiaUndefined14
Live attenuated conidiaUndefined14
  HistoplasmosisRibosomal VaccineUndefined15
  CoccidiomycosisMore than one geneUndefined16
  Paracoccidiomycosisgp43 geneT-helper 1,T-helper 2,cell-mediated immunity17
HSP65 DNAT-helper 118
  PneumocystosisKexin geneCell-mediated immunity and antibodies19
  Antigen-pulsed cells and T cells
  CandidiasisDendritic cell loaded with candida antigensT-helper 1,cell-mediated immunity1,20,21
  Aspergillus antigen-specific T cellsDendritic cell loaded with candida antigensT-helper 1,cell-mediated immunity1,20,22
  CoccidioimycosisDendritic cell based vaccineUndefined23
  Subunit and glycoconjugates
  CandidiasisAgglutinin-like sequencesCell-mediated immunity24
ecm33 mutant (RML2U)Undefined25,26
Secreated aspartic proteinase2Anti-Sap2 antibodies27
65 kDa mannoproteinAdhesin-neutralizing antibodies28
Beta-1,3-glucanCell-mediated immunity29,30
Beta-1,2-mannosidesAntibodies(opsonophagocytic;possibly adherence-blocking)31,32
CR3-RP glycoconjugateCell-mediated immunity33
  CryptococcosisCapsular polysaccharidesVarious mechanisms34
Glucuronoxylomannan-conjugated vaccineUnknown,possibly antibodies34
  AspergillosisAspergillus fumigatus antigensCell-mediated immunity22,35
Beta-1,3-glucanGrowth inhibitors,antibodies36
  CoccidiomycosisAntigen2Cell-mediated immunity,T-helper 137
Chimeric polyproteinUndefined9,39
  PneumocystosisP55 protein(major surface glycoprotein)Undefined,possibly antibodies40
Kexin proteaseCell-mediated immunity and antibodies19
  Paracoccidiomycosis43 kDa glycoproteinCell-mediated immunity and antibodies17
HSP60Cell-mediated immunity41
  Idiotypes and mimotopes
  CandidiasisKiller toxin neutralising mAbKT4Fungicidal antibodies42,43,44
  AspergillosisKiller toxin neutralising mAbKT4Fungicidal antibodies45
  CryptococcosisGlucuronoxylomannan-peptide mimotopesAntibodies modulating cell-mediated immunity46
P13 peptide mimotope-protein conjugatesT-helper 1,T-helper 2,cell-mediated immunity47
  CandidiasisMycograb,anti-Hsp90 peptideUnknown48,49
Anti-CA IgYInhibition of adhesion to host cells50
Anti-beta-1,3-glucan mAb 2G8Growth-inhibitory30,29
mAb C7(stress mannoprotein)Candidacidal51
Single chain fragment variable of anti-idiotypic antibodiesCandidacidal antibodies45
Anti-mannan mAb C6Opsonophagocytic31,32
Anti-glycosyl mAbCandidacidal52
Anti-Sap2 and anti-MP65domain antibodiesEnzyme and adhesion neutralizing53
  CryptococcosisSingle chain fragment variableInhibits glucan synthase54
Anti-glucuronoxylomannan 18B7-mAb(murine)Opsonophagocytic55
Anti-glucuronoxylomannan IgG2-mAb(human)Opsonophagocytic56
  HistoplasmosisAntibody against histone-like proteinUndefined57
  Synthetic, recombinant and conjugate vaccines
CoccidioidomycosisRecombinant Ag2/PRA106 + CSA chimeric fusion protein (CFP) vaccineCell-mediated immunity59
Recombinant proline-rich antigen (rAg2/Pra)T cell-mediated immunity60
  ParacoccidiomycosisAntigenic protein (rPb27)Cell-mediated immunity and antibodies61

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